The need to create began early in grade school for me. Helping the teacher decorate the classroom was always exciting. I later learned photography and darkroom techniques.

I married an artist painter/sculptor and master engraver. For 23 years, I observed his talents doing only an occasional craft with my children. After separating, I used the forbidden paint supplies creating my first painting. It was an explosion of emotions. I discovered this work was healing and exciting at the same time. In 1995 I began exploring a variety of art forms creating art appealing to a diverse audience.

In 2006 CBC interviewed me for a show called “ZigZag” and I was featured on their French channel in Canada.Artist

In 2007, I married my first love. His encouragement was wonderful leading to a flourishing time until he became ill with cancer. Even at the end, he wanted me to do an art show. In one month, I created many different paintings to satisfy his desire. Although he was very frail, he attended my Art Show and smiled. He was my dream and passed away 2 months later.

The passion to create remains within me. The excitement never dims. Sharing techniques with enthusiastic artists is fun and in my studio this is what happens. My creativity knows no bounds. One day my story will live on for your eyes.